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TEMPUS JP 543662-2013 Improvement of partnership with enterprises by enhancement of a regional quality management potentials in WBC
Tempus meeting in Kragujevac 01-06/06/2015

During the first week of June, EQIWBC project partners from Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Spain, Slovakia, Poland, Portugal and EOQ visited University of Kragujevac, Serbia in the scope of activities related to the project. They had several meetings and participated on the conference QUALITY FESTIVAL 2015.

Monday 01/06/2015
Project partners had a steering committee meeting at Faculty of Engineering, University of Kragujevac. They discussed about realized and future activities on the TEMPUS project which are presented in the intermediate report. Also, financial and managerial issues were discussed. The Quality Assurance Working group had a meeting. They evaluated results of the project and discussed the quality of project outcomes. (List of participants)

Tuesday 02/06/2015
The workshop „Promotion of QMS in order to improve cooperation between universities and industry„ for representatives of SMEs and the public sector organized in the ceremonial hall of the Business innovation centre LLC Kragujevac. Organization of workshops for enterprises and local government in the field of QMS is intended to improve overall awareness of the need for improvement in enterprise production and services for WBC as well as improvement of the communication system and partnership between universities and enterprises. This workshop has delivered by EU project partners. (List of participants)
The Internal Management System Audit – Important Management Tool for the Sustainable Development of an Organization - Mrs. Cornelia Butnaru, The European Organization for Quality, EOQ Operations Manager
The mediation effect of the research in teaching quality: balancing research and teaching efforts - Prof. dr Frederic Marimon Viadiu, University of Girona, Spain
• Social networks & learning factory based training in QMS: new approach and benefits for competences building in companies - Prof. dr Goran Putnik, University of Minho, Portugal
The new ISO 9001:2015: key differences and impact in the organisations - Mr. Paulo Baptista, Paulo & Beatriz - Consultores Associados, Lda, Portugal
Risk management in quality management (methodology and tools)- dr Pawel Nowicki, Cracow University of Economics, Poland
• Improving the Production Processes of a Manufacturing Company using the Six Sigma Methodology - Zuzana Bajusova and Stanislava Pavlakova, Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra

Wednesday 03/06/2015
In the scope of project activities - Guest lecturers of professionals for students, lectures in the fields of quality, quality management and QMS were organized for students of University of Kragujevac. Lectures were performed by EU partners and students were get new and needed knowledge and skills in this field. (List of participants) • Smart Objects for QMS in Advanced Production Systems – Part 1: Architectures and Role - Carlo Carvalho, University of Minho, Portugal
ISO 10001,2,3 family standards in quality management - dr Piotr Kafel, Cracow University of Economics, Poland
Teaching management systems integration: feedback between companies and universities - dr Merce Bernardo Vilamitjana, University of Girona, Spain

Thursday 04/06/2015 and Friday 05/06/2015
The project partners also participated on the conference QUALITY FESTIVAL 2015. Quality Festival is focused on various aspects of quality and includes follows tradition of 4 conferences focused on quality research. The aim of these conferences is to bring together professionals from around the world to actively discuss and share their views and experience on the challenges and prospects from field of quality. The participants presented papers on the state of quality, integrated quality system, the number of certified organizations and issues of formal and informal education as well as training in the EU and the Western Balkan countries. This activity is related to the working package Seminars, meetings and symposia in the field of quality and QMS (DISS 1.3).






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