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TEMPUS JP 543662-2013 Improvement of partnership with enterpises by enhencement of a regional quality management potentials in WBC
Tempus meeting in Kragujevac 19.05.-23.05.2014.

Monday 19.05.2014.
Planned activities were related to the reception of participants and meeting with EQI WBC host representatives. Participants have arrived according to the planned schedule. During the day, the representatives from EU have delivered Workshop QMS in WBC and EU where participants were discussing about specificity of QMS in different economy sectors.

Tuesday 20.05.2014.
FIAT visit have started according to the projected agenda. After taking personal protection devices, participants were introduced to the bodyshop procedures, assembly line and quality control of unfinished vehicles according defined QMS procedures. A presentation about different quality issues, was held by FIAT personnel ( Visit to FIAT enterprise gallery ).
After presentation, participants have moved to Business Innovative Center (BIC) where Vojislav Veljkovic delivered a presentation: Quality in innovations (Business Innovative Center presentation gallery).
Mr Ivan Savovic has delivered a training in the field of QMS improvement to the Business Innovative Center staff and people from other enterprises. This training has been realized in the scope of Training of professionals from enterprises (Dev. 3.2). Twenty persons were trained (QMS improvement to the BIC gallery ).

Wednesday 21.05.2014.
Participants have visited company ComTrade where they had presentation Quality in ICT. ComTrade representatives presented their view of quality in ICT and after that a brief discussion took place ( ComTrade gallery).
According to the projected agenda, all partners have presented their reports that fit the scope of deliverables (Presentations reports from EU - Dev. 1.1 and Presentations reports from WBC - Dev. 1.2 and Dev. 1.3) at the Faculty of Engineering ( Presentations reports from WBC at the Faculty of Engineering gallery).
Dev. 1.4 was discussed on the level of definition of methodology related to project. All partners have presented their opinion related to the methodology that fits the scope of deliverables.
Managerial issues QPLN 1.3 were discussed in the scope of project management activity and current issues were discussed.
In the scope of Quality planning QPLN 1.1, participants have discussed review of quality assurance group which was already established.
Different issues were analysed in the scope of dissemination activity related to the Diss. 1.3.
Purchase of equipment - Dev. 2. is ongoing activity and the current issues were discussed.
The second part of activities was dedicated to the QUALITY FESTIVAL 2014 and it took place on Thursday (22.05.2014.) and Friday (23.05.2014.).

The second part of activities was dedicated to the QUALITY FESTIVAL 2014 and it took place on Thursday (22.05.2014.) and Friday (23.05.2014.).
During the meeting, Center for Quality on the Faculty of engineering ( has delivered QUALITY FESTIVAL 2014 with the following events ( QUALITY FESTIVAL 2014 gallery):
- 8. International Quality Conference,
- 41. National quality conference,
- 9. National quality conference about quality of life,
- 5. Students conference of industrial engineering and management.

Quality Festival has long been one of the leading scientific and professional conferences in the field of quality, standardization and quality of life in South-eastern Europe. The objective of the Quality Festival was to provide international platform consisting of experts from industry and academia. This was accomplished by the transfer of ideas and results of ongoing projects through a large variety of different topics from the field of quality ( Quality Festival 2014 plenary session day one and Quality Festival 2014 plenary session day two ).

During the conference, more than 250 papers in various fields have been presented by a large number of prominent authors from foreign countries: Austria, Portugal, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Poland, Turkey, Lithuania, Slovakia and from the ex-Yugoslav republics.

Practical experience has been presented in two workshops - "Statistics and Quality," and "Leadership and quality". These workshops have been realized in the scope of Training of professionals from enterprises (Dev. 3.2). Twenty persons were trained ("Statistics and Quality," and "Leadership and quality" workshops gallery).



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