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TEMPUS JP 543662-2013 Improvement of partnership with enterprises by enhancement of a regional quality management potentials in WBC
Mobility to University East Sarajevo, Bosnia and Hercegovina, 2.12-5.12.2014

Tuesday, 2nd December.

On Tuesday welcome meeting was held at the Hotel Bistrica which is located at Jahorina mountain within the TEMPUS. The host was Prof. dr Slavisa Moljevic on the meeting partners discussed about the activities which will be carried out in the following days.

Wednesday, 3rd December.

Opening of 2nd international scientific conference "COMETa 2014" was held at the hotel "Bistrica", Jahorina. On the same day, at the afternoon, workshop "QMS in WBC" (report and list of participants) was held were all present partners on TEMPUS project participated, with the representatives of local government institutions and international partners from independent companies. The opening presentation was given by Vice-Rector about lean concept and Japanese approach to quality management. The Dean of Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at University of East Sarajevo held presentation about significance of the TEMPUS project. Presentation of prof. dr Slavisa Moljevic showed the current activates of the project and how integration of quality system and certifications of this programs is performed. The following presentations were held by representative of Ministry of foreign trade and economic relations of Bosnia and Hercegovina, representatives of Institution for standardization, director of Development agency in Bosnia and Hercegovina, and director of Tourist organization East Sarajevo.

Thursday, 4rd December.

Quality management seminar (list of participants)was held, about the implementation of QMS in SMEs, next iteration of ISO standard ISO 9001:2015 and its impact on QMS and how it is different from the current ISO standard, production was presented as the main function and presentation about quality control as an key factor of functioning of production processes was held. Round table (report and list of participants) was held at the afternoon about Significance of Quality infrastructure in Bosnia and Hercegovina. The purpose of this round table was to point the main pillars of infrastructure of quality in Bosnia and Hercegovina. Planar presentation was held by representative of Institute of Metrology followed by vice director of Market surveillance agency, presentation about certification of quality standards by mr. Amer Colan an representative of "TUF NORD CROATIA". Prof. dr Bogdan Maric held another presentation about significance of Lean concept of quality systems. After the break, short presentations about quality management systems in SMEs in Bosnia and Hercegovina were held.

Friday, 5th December.

In the last day of our visit early in the morning we had meeting (list of participants) where we concluded what was done within activities during the 2nd international scientific conference and made plans about future meetings.







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