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TEMPUS JP 543662-2013 Improvement of partnership with enterpises by enhencement of a regional quality management potentials in WBC
Activities planned- TEMPUS JP 543662-2013 Improvement of partnership with enterpises by enhencement of a regional quality management potentials in WBC

DEV 1 Development and establishment of infrastructure for improvement of QMS in WBC
1.1 Analysis of experiences from EU partners’ countries
1.2 Analysis of training programs in the field of QMS from EU partners and those existing in the PC
1.3 WBC regional enterprises’ and customers’ needs from the aspect of QMS
1.4 Development of the model and approach for QMS improvement in WBC
DEV 2 Training programmes development and implementation
2.1 Enhancement of WBC universities’ capacities for training in the field of quality
2.2 Training in the field of QMS for professionals from WBC
2.3 Development of training programs for employees and management together with EU partners
2.4 Equipping/modernizing regional QMCs
2.5 Certification of regional QMCs and agreement on the modality of their cooperation and networking
DEV 3 Training and preparation for certification of enterprises
3.1 The development and harmonization of services for enterprises from partner countries.
3.2 Training of professionals from enterprises
3.3 Monitoring of preparation for ISO certification
3.4 Evaluation of results of training
3.5 Improvement of selected courses from Universities' study programs
DEV 4 Enhancement of University – enterprise cooperation and collaboration
4.1 Organization of workshops to promote importance of quality management in the public and private sector
4.2 Improvement of communication system and closer cooperation with local environment
4.3 Developing of DB repository of knowledge, training courses, services and legislation
4.4 Improvement of relations with Union of employers and setting up mechanisms for regular provision of feed-back
QPLN 1 Quality Control and Monitoring
1.1 Establishment of quality assurance work group
1.2 Providing an external quality audit
1.3 Ensuring regular quality control and monitoring
1.4 Inter-project coaching activities
EXP 1 Sustainability
1.1 Awareness campaign: Importance of QMS
1.2 Development of register of training and services
1.3 Establishment of collaborative environment and virtual WBC center
1.4 Guest lectures of professionals for students at PC universities
DISS 1 Dissemination
1.1 Presentations at partner Universities
1.2 Dissemination of project results
1.3 Seminars, meetings and symposia in the field of quality and QMS
1.4 Publication of a journal, textbooks and books in the field of quality and QMS.
1.5 Maintaining a comprehensive and informative project web-site.
MNGT 1 Management of the project
1.1 Setting up project Steering Committee and agreeing on decision making mechanisms (kick-off meeting)
1.2 Organization of regular Steering Committee meetings
1.3 Continuous management of project processes
1.4 Daily management of project funds and preparing documentation on reporting and audit control



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