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TEMPUS JP 543662-2013 Improvement of partnership with enterpises by enhencement of a regional quality management potentials in WBC
Kick off Meeting, Janaury 09-11, 2014.

The kick off meeting was held on January 09 -12, 2014 at University of Montenegro. During the meeting the Project was presented as well as all partners. The participants were following:

  • University of Montenegro: PhD Zdravko Krivokapic - project coordinator, PhD Jelena Jovanovic and PhD Aleksandar Vujovic
  • University of Kragujevac: PhD Slavko Arsovski and MsC Snezana Nestic
  • University of Belgrade: PhD Jovan Filipovic
  • Technical College of Professional Studies: PhD Zoran Mirovic
  • University of Zenica: PhD Sabahudin Jasarevic and PhD Samir Lemes
  • University of East Sarajevo: PhD Slavisa Moljevic and PhD Bogan Maric and Ranka Gojkovic
  • Universidade do Minho: PhD Goran Putnik
  • University of Girona Escola Politècnica Superior Spain: PhD Alexandra Simon
  • Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra: PhD Eva Kapralova
  • The European Organization for Quality: PhD Eric Janssens
  • Paulo & Beatriz – Consultores Associados, Lda: Paulo Baptista
  • Business innovation centre LLC Kragujevac: Vojislav Veljkovic
  • Association for quality and standardization of Serbia: PhD Zoran Punosevac
  • City Development Agency East Sarajevo: Nenad Koprivica and Marko Kakuca.
  • Only partners from Cracow University of Economics were not able to travel due to weather conditions, all flights have been canceled. The main decisions concerning project management, finances, reporting, quality assurance, sustainability and dissemination were made. The activity plan for the first year was presented. Outcomes that should be delivered in the first six months for EU partners and also for WBC partners were defined. Mobility Plan for the first half of project was presented. Also, partners made discussion about establishment of Quality Assurance Working Group. The members of this working group were proposed and their tasks were defined. Professor Arsovski suggested consideration of the initiative for the establishment of the International Association for Quality and Leadership. WBC partners were asked to establish WBC National Working groups: Montenegro, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina and delegate people to work within these teams.





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